WORKSHOP ON IAS-15 @ Baden-Baden

Autonomous driving

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD) are a megatrend in the automotive industry. Almost all manufacturers have announced highly automated driving from 2020 onwards.


However, the perspective of the development of these systems is based on technical aspects and the human being as the center of interaction is often neglected.


High workload and stress when using driver assistance systems are therefore not rare. In addition to experiencing comfort, acceptance by humans is also a desirable feature of advanced driver assistant systems. But what do people want from advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving? 

questions For Which we want to have an answer

  • What does the customer want from a autonomous system in a car?
  • What expectations does people have of a driving experience and what inspires them?
  • What mental and physical workload do different driving situations trigger?
  • Which behaviors in automated driving are rated as good and which one dissapoint?
  • What do inmates feel and what is felt to be comfortable and uncomfortable?
  • What ist accepted and what qualities are a "no-go" in automated driving vehicles?
  • ...